Lava Bead Bracelet

Lava Bead Bracelet

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Lava Bead Bracelet (6 inch) + your choice of 1 of NUMA's 3ml Rollers Grace or Thyme Heals 

These beautiful Lava Bead bracelets are one of a kind pieces, designed by Madi Taylor. Lava beads are an excellent conductor for transferring calm, stable, and creative energy. Born from molten rock, lava reminds us of the earth's strength and power. Wearing lava beads grounds us in the earth energy. An excellent receptor for essential oils. Roll or drop a few drops of your favorite oil onto the beads for an enhanced experience of earth's healing elements. 

Grace Roller (3ml) - NUMA's Grace Roller was created as a gentle reminder to practice compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance to those around us, but also putting this practice into place for ourselves. Sandalwood helps to quiet the mind, while encouraging self-acceptance. White Fir is especially calming during transitional periods, and Sweet Orange helps if you are feeling overwhelmed and is uplifting. Grace Roller is one of our absolute favorites and we hope you find it just as lovely and supportive.        

Thyme Heals Roller (3ml) - Thyme Heals Roller is a beautiful blend to help encourage emotional healing. The essential oils within the blend help to balance our emotions, whether you are dealing with grief, trauma, or need support in releasing negative thoughts. Basil and Grapefruit are both uplifting and can help to encourage positive thinking. Opopanax reminds us to open our hearts, and helps to reduce stress and tension. Neroli is calming to the heart and relaxing to the mind. Thyme ct. linalool is a soft oil that provides a great deal of emotional support, while helping us to release and let go.      

**Each bundle includes 1 Bracelet and your choice of 1 of NUMA's 3ml Grace Roller or Thyme Heals Roller**