Meet NUMA's Team

NUMA's team focuses on small batch and personalized Aromatherapy products created by our Certified Aromatherapist. 
We embrace the research and science behind the benefits of essential oils, spending hours learning more to bring you the latest in data and products. 
We are dedicated to helping our clients understand how to safely and effectively use essential oils. 
We believe that Aromatherapy is a beautiful and intentional way to naturally support your health -- emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are committed to YOU -- Our clients and we are here to support you on your journey to healthy living.
Lynette Newman
LMT, Certified Aromatherapist (NAHA / AIA approved)
Lynette began using Aromatherapy in 2013 as a natural way to support her health and care for her newborn. Completing her Aromatherapy Certification in 2017 has strengthened her knowledge regarding the therapeutic benefits of safely using essential oils, while igniting her passion to help others improve their health and overall well-being. Her favorite essential oil (at the moment…) is Cypress. It helps to soothe anxious feelings during life’s transitions, and is incredibly calming. Lynette loves to use Cypress oil to improve circulation, reduce pain & inflammation, all while enjoying its comforting woodsy aroma....without enduring ANY mosquitos!  
Jane Bradley
Graphic Designer / Social Media Coordinator
Jane Bradley has been a Hoosier for 19 years. She made her way
to Bloomington, Indiana via New York City, via Kansas City, Missouri where she is from originally. Hence, a KC Royals and Chiefs fan before any other.
While working as a graphic designer in NYC, Jane trained to become a Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist. Her favorite essential oil to use with clients is Copaiba. Used directly on the feet, Copaiba helps her clients feel soothed and relaxed. “To choose a favorite oil for myself would be impossible.
I use and love so many.”
Mackenzie Adams
Marketing Intern / Social Media Specialist 
Mackenzie is from Indianapolis and recently graduated from Indiana University with a Journalism degree in Public Relations. Her favorite essential oil is lavender to help her relax on stressful days, especially on the days that we need her to help explain social media!