Numa Soul's Journey

Numa Soul’s Journey: 

While it isn’t uncommon for a business to evolve as times moves forward and clients’ needs change, the journey to Numa Soul was always bringing us to this moment.

Numa Soul began as Numa Aromatherapy in 2016. Over the course of time, however, we listened to our clients and began to see that their needs would be better served if we expanded our product line to include the sacred elements and spiritual practices that create the perfect balance of mind ~ body ~ soul offerings. 

At the core of our business is our hard-working, passionate team who believes in Numa Soul’s philosophy of offering only the highest quality of products that are ethically produced using fair trade partnerships that are equitable to the craftspeople and artisans.

Numa Soul is committed to our mission and to continue to serve you on your journey to love yourself through authentic sacred self-care that brings balance to the mind, restores the body and connects the soul to the Divine Spirit.