Mission & Vision


...Because NUMA makes scents! And lots of it!

We are a small business with a hard-working, passionate team of essential oil enthusiasts who honor NUMA's driving philosophy -- that we will only use high-quality, PURE and affordable essential oils and Aromatherapy blends. 

We are intensely focused on bringing you, our valued clients, the best that the industry has to offer in products specifically designed to address what you want and need. 

We are committed to YOU -- and are here to support you on the journey to healthy living.  


Our mission at NUMA is to provide our clients with natural, organic, aromatherapy products hand made by our Certified Aromatherapist, while only using the purest essential oils safe for you and your family.


Our vision at NUMA is to support a natural, holistic connection of the mind, body, and spirit through our aromatherapy products and trusted partnerships.