Sacred Self-Care

Even if you cannot see it with your eyes, the body knows the difference between natural, chemical free, synthetic and chemical-based products. Within seconds of inhaling or applying one of our Numa Soul Body products, the structural elements of the 100% pure essential oils find their way to the bloodstream, where the body welcomes their presence, instantly identifying their composition of one that matches the cellular structure of our bodies. The power of essential oils to reset and restore the body, bring balance to the mind, and peace to the soul is why Numa Soul is committed to only offering products that are 100% pure with no chemical or synthetic additives. 
Experience the Numa Soul difference with our complete line of Numa Soul products, and be assured that you are receiving the ultimate in quality and intention. All items are carefully hand-blended and developed by our Certified Aromatherapist, whose extensive knowledge of essential oils means you are receiving wisdom that is derived from training that is certified by The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the Alliance of International Aromatherapist.
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