Essential Oils

High-quality meets affordability in Numa Soul’s line of 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils. We partner with trusted suppliers that responsibly source the oils from all over the world, while focusing on plant sustainability. 
NO MLM: We get it. There are many options for essential oils with varying price points. Numa Soul made the mindful and conscious decision to not require a membership that falls under an MLM model. While many of these MLM models have great products, we have stepped away from the MLM due to cost and requirements these memberships carry. 
Affordable essential oils does not mean less quality. It is quite the opposite. We strive to ensure quality and safety in every single product we carry. An essential oil must be pure, and unadulterated, in order to provide therapeutic benefits. We work with reputable partners that provide GC/MS (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry) testing and purity reporting to ensure quality. This reporting provides a snapshot of the oils' chemical constituents and certifies that they do not contain synthetics or fillers that can harm or disrupt the body.